Meet the Winery Chefs: We’ve collected some of the region’s best culinary experiences.

How often have you heard someone say, “This is a food wine,” while they’re pouring a deeply pigmented Cabernet Sauvignon or a clear as a bell Chardonnay? Any time you’re dealing with a wine brimming with acid and/or underpinned by massive tannins, food can make it not just better, but downright fantastic. That’s why so many wineries feature an increasingly creative smorgasboard of food and wine pairings.

We’ve collected some of the region’s best culinary experiences, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever suits your fancy.

The Gentleman Farmer Bungalow in Napa offers private breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with the winemakers, Joey Wolosz and Jeff Durham, preparing home-cooked meals from favorite family recipes paired with Gentleman Farmer Wines.