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Field Notes Issue 14: Interview with Corvette Le Face

by Joey Wolosz | Published March 7, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. Serving Eight Cylinders of Body, I Present Corvette Le Face!

Corvette Le Face is a burlesque dancer and actor surviving and thriving in New York City. I met Corvette through her sister and my good friend, Gaby, my trusty wine tasting and study partner.

Corvette has performed the art of the tease internationally as well as at the highly renowned Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Corvette has been featured in The Cut, Refinery29, and Playboy.

She draws much inspiration from the great divas of the 1970s-1990s and is currently performing acts with tributes to Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Cher, and Sade.

As an actress, Corvette has worked on multiple film and TV projects, including the HBO series Boardwalk Empire and, most recently, the feature film HUSTLERS starring JLO. Yes, JLO.

You can find Corvette Le Face here.

JW: Corvette, Gaby tells me you are a baker; what do you enjoy cooking?

CLF: Yes! Well, when I’m home visiting family, I usually make whatever my very bossy mother and older sister [Gaby] tell me to make. But generally, I do love making cakes. I think this comes from watching the movie Pollyanna as a little girl. There’s a scene at the fair with the most gorgeous cakes, and I believe as an adult, I’m still just trying to recreate those cakes from the movie.

JW: Other than burlesque and cakes, do you have any other creative outlets?

CLF: Yes! I’m an actor (which is what I went to school for), and I also love to write. I also have a very strong passion (bordering on obsession) with finding and collecting vintage clothes. I’ve been collecting vintage since I was 11 years old. The first piece of vintage I ever bought was a faux leopard coat from a store in Sacramento called Cheap Thrills. I still have the coat to this day and use it as a costume piece for a burlesque act I perform as Barbra Streisand from Funny Girl. You know the look, Hello Gorgeous!

JW: Friends and family excluded; who are two people you’d like to share a long and lingering meal with?

CLF: Wow, this is tough! There are so many. I’m assuming I also can’t pick my boyfriend! I think the Virgo in me is translating this question into “who could I learn the most from in one evening?” In this case, I would pick Cher and the late great Prince. They are both people I deeply admire and are beautiful examples of what it means to work hard and be completely and unapologetically oneself. I also wonder what secrets they would reveal after a few glasses of wine!

JW: What would you serve?

CLF: Hmmmm… I’m not a big cook, to be honest, though I’m learning. Let’s say in this scenario, I have a chef, and I would have them prepare a fabulous Italian feast. I mean, at the end of the day, is there anything better than pasta?

JW: Which animal would be your spirit animal?

CLF: I’d like to say it’s some gorgeous jungle cat, but honestly, I think it’s a raccoon. Maybe because I have small, dark eyes? I also appreciate how cute raccoons are, but they aren’t afraid to throw down and get dirty when necessary. They can be straight-up vicious.

JW: Was there a moment when you first made a connection with wine and food?

CLF: I’m very lucky to have grown up in a family where not only food but the act of dining together was really important. My mom is an amazing, very instinctual cook, and she made dinner pretty much every night. It wasn’t until I got older and stayed at friends’ houses that I realized not every family is like that. And I really don’t remember there ever NOT being wine on the table. But I do feel I made a connection with wine, specifically watching my older sister go through the process of studying wine and working in the wine industry. I think there is a misconception that wine is intimidating and somehow above us, that only certain people can understand it. But that’s not true. Wine is alive and ever-changing, and what I taste may be different from what you taste, and neither is wrong. If you understand where the wine comes from, then you understand the wine. I think this idea can actually be applied to most things in life.

JW: Any recommendations on “teasing” the most out of this month’s romantic holiday?

CLF: Well, this may seem cheesy, but I think the most romantic quality a person can have is kindness. So whether you have a partner or not, I would pepper the month with little acts of unexpected kindness towards the people you love, towards strangers, and towards yourself! Make dinner for your boo, help someone on the street, buy that fancy perfume you know you don’t need!

JW: And from the Proust Questionnaire, #35: What is your motto?

CLF: Be undeniable.