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Field Notes Issue 5

by Joey Wolosz | Published May 30, 2021

May 2021

I had planned to complete the May Field Notes last week; however, life didn’t cooperate, and I’ve been out of sorts. My sweet little girl Stella left us early last Thursday morning. Many of you knew Stella, she was the extra company at all my tastings.

The day before, she came with me to meet with winemaker Jérôme Chéry as we checked the development of the vines in the Muir-Hanna and the Meadowbrook vineyards.

Jérôme commented that she was more Doberman than chihuahua as she barked when he approached the car where she was hanging out in her oversized car bed, window rolled down.

After our vineyard visits, Jeff and I took her with us to San Francisco. We did some shopping, carrying her while we were in the store.

We had lunch at Café de la Presse, and she sat in her bag under the table. I fed her pieces of bread that I dipped in my hanger steak’s pan sauce.

After lunch, she went for a short walk with us down Grant Street from the China Town Gate to Market Street.

She rode back to Yountville, sitting comfortably in her car bed that took up half of the back seat.

Late afternoon in Yountville, we met Jeff’s nephew out for a drink at R+D Kitchen, and she sat under the bar in her open bag, sitting up straight as I fed her pieces of rice from my sushi (she didn’t like fish).

That evening we came home and went to bed. Stella decided to leave us peacefully in bed while we were sleeping. She had a good run at 17 years and nine months.

Jeff doesn’t know what to do with all the extra space as she always forced him to the edge of the bed (God forbid he ever move her). I am now sleeping longer without her waking me up at 5 am to go outside.

Stella, you were more than a pet to us; you were a constant presence and companion. You were loved and will be missed. I’ll carry a piece of you now wherever I go.