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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Packaging

How often are orders processed?
Orders are processed once every week on Monday or Tuesday.




Club Memberships

How do I sign up for a club membership?
You can sign up from a club through our website. You will need to create an online account to manage your club membership. Visit our club information page to compare club levels and join.

How often are club packages sent?
Club packages are sent four times a year in September, December, February, and May. Members are notified both one week and two days before club packages are processed and shipped.

What wines are included in club packages?
Club packages will automatically include the newly released seasonal wine, though members can update this to their preferred selection of available wines. See the release schedule for 2021.

Are club packages customizable?
Yes! Each club level has a minimum purchase amount, but members can choose what wines they would like to receive and add more to their order if they wish. You can update payment methods or shipping/billing addresses as needed by logging into your online account and accessing the dashboard.

How do I make changes to my club order?
Members can conveniently make changes to their club order through the link sent in email notifications. Club members can also make changes by visiting our website. Once you log in, your club shipment details will appear on your account dashboard where you can update any information.

Can I pick up my order?
Yes! Club packages can be picked up locally in Yountville, California. Just select pick up when adjusting your shipping information for your Club Package. You will be contacted to arrange a pickup time after the club package has been processed to arrange a pick-up time.

How long will it take for my club package to arrive once it’s processed?
Club packages could take up to two weeks to arrive once processed depending on the shipping service. During warmer months, we ship packages with temperature-controlled trucks to ensure the wines arrive in perfect condition. This can take a little extra time. A timeline for delivery is provided in the club email notifications.

Can I skip shipments or put my membership on hold?
Yes. Members can skip shipments, or put their membership on a 6-month hold.

How do I change club levels?

Can I cancel at any time?

How do I cancel my club membership?

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